Things to do when you're pregnant and quarantined

The current Covid-19 pandemic has re-defined life as we know it. Our ‘new normal’ comes with so much uncertainty. Whether you’re expecting for the first time or third – it’s easy for your mind to go to a dark place falling prey to negativity and fear. There is so much information out there, everyone around is anxious, and there’s so much being said about what you should and shouldn’t do – this can be overwhelming!
Sometimes as much as I am sensitive towards this global crisis and heartbroken about the effects it is having world over, I can’t help but find myself wanting a break from all the Corona talk. It just makes me more anxious than I already am. To help with this I’ve decided to occupy myself with activities and thoughts that make me, and my baby feel good.
If you’re feeling the same way, I hope that what I share helps you get through these unsteady times too.

Let us accept the situation we are in. Let go of the expectations and plans you had. I had a tough time with this – I felt so cheated at the fact that my baby shower had to be called off and that my baby-moon was cancelled too. The anger quickly turned to panic because I was worried about how I’d prep even the essentials for the baby with all the shops being shut.
I quickly realised how lucky I am, where my biggest worries are these. There are so many people suffering out there. I am safe and so is my baby.

Change your attitude
Acceptance of the situation taught me I had to change my attitude. Accepting that ‘it is what it is’ and that this situation is NOT in my control has made me feel less anxious. It has made me value my privilege – I am safe, have healthy food to eat and a loving and dedicated family and doctor to help me through.
I decided to put aside the negative thoughts and be proactive. If these are the cards I’ve been dealt, how best can I play them?
I have come to value this time where I can slow down and reflect and do the things I love. Remember it is always better to focus on what you can do, than what you can’t. I’ve made a new routine for myself – it allows me to work and also make time for some much needed self-care.

Work from home

I make a ‘To Do’ list every evening with all the things I need to achieve on the work front for the next day – calls, sales, planning content, team calls etc. I feel like this is a great time to re-look into our businesses and to re-evaluate our goals. There’s a need to be creative with our plans, especially for those of us who have been greatly restricted by the pandemic and need to find new ways to keep going.
Personally, the time at home has given me the opportunity to take it a bit easy and balance work and self-care. I’m trying to be as innovative as I can.
Also remember if you want to spend this time just relaxing – do it and don’t feel guilty about that. Do what you feel is best for YOU.

Get creative

After nearly 5 years, I have finally gotten back to painting. I would always tell myself I want to start but never had the time. It has been amazing. I had forgotten how therapeutic I found it. Cue some nice jazz music and we have a mood.

Beauty 101

Disclaimer: Consult your dermatologist.
There has never been a better time to indulge in some self-care.
Face masks, hair care, may be even a home mani-pedi?
Stay away from chemical products, opt for natural products and give your skin a break. I have been using some great home remedies for my skin and hair.
Also as a mom-to-be an area I’ve been extremely careful about is my stomach. I tend to feel the itch very often – I’ve been using organic Shea butter all over my tummy and it has been very soothing on my skin and moisturizing.
And don’t get me started on the hair-fall – I’ve been using a great hair oil though by Kama Ayurveda and it’s given me good results.
I’ve recently discovered essential oils and I’m hooked.
I’m starting to think that this beauty routine is going to need a post of its own. What say?

 Food for thought

I’m nearing the end of my second trimester and my appetite has only been increasing. Being forced to stay indoors has definitely curbed my activity a lot. Luckily my family has been encouraging me to eat extremely healthy throughout my pregnancy (of course I give in to the occasional cravings!).
I’ve never been one to enjoy cooking but I’ve given it a shot during this lockdown. I’ve been playing sous-chef to my sister-in-law and I won’t lie, I think I might like cooking after all.
I’m vegetarian and I keep it simple when it comes to food – fruits, veggies, lots of water, veggie soups and two good wholesome roti-sabzi-daal meals. Switch things up with a nice smoothie, some home-made hummus and carrot sticks, or even a nice bowl of sprouts in the evening. Also I recommend keeping some nuts handy – they’re a great snack. I make my own trail mix using almonds, peanuts, cashews, raisins and pistachios. If you’re craving something sweet - bake. I’ve been baking some easy cakes and desserts when I’m craving sweets.
I’ll try sharing some recipes for snacks but if you have some easy and fun recipes – I’d love to hear from you. Post them in the comments below.

They say the baby hears everything.
I’ve been listening to a lot of old school traditional pop and jazz.
I’ve also been listening to baby Mozart and baby Beethoven – heard it’s great for the baby’s brain development. It has been strangely soothing to listen to while I work in the day.

Fitness First
I’ve been practicing yoga at home to keep fit and taking walks in the house, since I can’t go down. I walk for 15 minutes after my meals and practice yoga thrice a week.
My yoga instructor has created a little routine for me but I’ve seen some great pre-natal yoga videos on You-tube that you could try; I will link them below:
(please consult your doctor before trying these - make sure it is safe for you).

Oh Baby!
My baby is going to be here in three months! After my shopping trip abroad got cancelled, I’ve been re-doing all my excel sheets and lists with information on local stockists. I’ve been researching lists made by others in order to understand what I will need immediately and accordingly placing orders with various vendors that are still managing deliveries.
Would you like me to share this list with you?
Apart from these – make time to read, watch movies and binge watch shows.
Talk to the baby, listen to music, eat that cake and just breathe. We will get through this. Lastly, stay strong, stay safe and let’s all be hopeful. I know, being pregnant and homebound is not ideal but we can get through this.
You’ve got this mommy!

If anyone has recommendations for more things to do, please do share them below in the comments.
- Veronna D