The guide to baby essentials (pandemic version)

Preparing for a new baby is daunting, especially when it comes to choosing the right products for your little one. There are so many adorable things available and I often find myself wanting it all.
Obviously, in our new reality though I have had to alter my list. And if you’re also a mom-to-be delivering soon, trust me I understand how harrowing it is to procure everything in the midst of this lockdown.
Over past few weeks I have been curating a list of what I feel are baby essentials that I will need immediately when the baby arrives. I’ve referred to a bunch of lists online, as well as those made and shared by other mommies and then made my own. I’ll be honest I’ve narrowed down my list considerably to what I would like to think are absolute necessities, because let’s face it, times are hard and with limited shops selling limited products, I think it’s best we focus on what we absolutely need. Everything else I’ve decided to buy as I go.
Baby Essentials - Newborn 

- I've divided the list into broad categories
- Under each category I have mentioned where you are most likely to find those products
- Most of the places I have mentioned are taking orders and delivering but in some cases deliveries are delayed.
- Please read their updated shipping policies or better still email them incase you require things urgently.  
- I have also mentioned specific brands in some places either because they are highly recommended by others or because those are the ones I am using.
- Just Moms is responsive and has quite a few things across all of the categories and stocks international brands
- Amazon and Firstcry are seeing delays
- I have created a complete list below of all the stores online and offline 

- Sleep suits
Half-sleeve onesies/rompers
Long-sleeve onesies/rompers
Full-body suits with/without footies
Cotton t-shirts
- Shorts 
- Pants 
- Dresses
- Tights
- Socks
- Booties
- Mittens
- Caps 
- Swaddles
- ready swaddles/sleeping bags 

Where to look:
Mothercare - order here if you still have some time before the baby arrives - currently focussed on select pincodes and only delivery of essentials but you can pre-order other items as well.
H&M online - pre-order/browse - deliveries are delayed currently
Mybabybabbles - new born essentials sections, Pre-order as deliveries are delayed
Mamas and Peaches - new born essentials/Ship Now section
Masilo - Pre-order - they have mentioned shipping will be only post the lockdown
Just Moms - Breach Candy, Mumbai (Vilas: 9819255669) 
Green Bell - Juhu, Mumbai (Naresh: 9820735299)

- Nail-cutter kit
- Comb kit 
- Diaper Rash cream - (Sebamed/Sudocrem/Destin) - available at your local chemist
- Diaper Dustbin - Diaper Genie - Just Moms
- Diapers 
- Diaper changing mat
- Cotton balls + box to store
- Wet wipes
- Massage oil - I recommend using home-made malai, it works great for baby skin(Sebamed/Mamaearth/Cetaphil)
- Body lotion - Sebamed/Cetaphil/Mamaearth/Mustela
- Baby powder - Sebamed
- Powder box + powder puff
- Diaper bag
- Plastic sheets/Dry sheets
- Massage mats
- Baby earbuds

Where to look:
Local chemist 
Just Moms - Breach Candy, Mumbai (Vilas: 9819255669) 

- Bath tub - I like the Stokke tub with newborn support on allthingsbaby
- Bath chair - Mustela
- Bath toys
- Towels (hooded)
- Wash cloths/Bath napkins
- Hand Towels
- Anti slip bath mat
- Toothbrushes - I like the brushies available on mybabybabbles and allthingsbaby
- Body wash
- Shampoo
- Laundry basket
- Sponges

Where to look:
Local chemist
All things baby - website/9167440140
Just Moms - Breach Candy, Mumbai (Vilas: 9819255669) 
Mamas and Peaches - new born essentials/Ship Now section

- Detergent - Pigeon/Chicco
- Fabric Softner - Baby Comfort/Pigeon/Chicco

Where to look:
Local chemist
Just Moms - Breach Candy, Mumbai (Vilas: 9819255669) 

- Breast pump - Medela/Spectra/Avent (highly recommend Medela)
- Breast milk storage bags - Medela/Pigeon
- Formula - As recommended by your pediatrician
- Feeding pillow - Boppy pillow
- Expressing bustier/bra -
- Feeding bottles - Dr Browns Anti-colic glass bottles ( Anti-colic bottles (2oz,4oz,8oz - 2 each)
- Nipples - (0-3m,3-6m)
- Bottle sterlizer - Avent 
- Bottle warmer - Avent/Chicco
- Thermos - (2)
- Pacifiers - Avent 
- Bottle Cleaning liquid - Pigeon
- Bottle cleaning brushes
- Nipple cleaning brushes
- Bibs
- Napkins 
Burp cloths

Where to look:
Local chemist
Just Moms - Breach Candy, Mumbai (Vilas: 9819255669) - they have most things

- Thermometer 
- Nasal cleaner/Snot pump/Nasal Aspirator - NoseFrida/Chicco
- Hing roll - moms/Mamaearth
- Sanitizer 
- Gripe water
- Coclic Aide
- Rai Pillow
- Ajawain bib
- Syringe 
- Mosquito roll-on (incase needed) - Mamaearth
- Baby Vicks

Where to look:
Local chemist
Just Moms - Breach Candy, Mumbai (Vilas: 9819255669) - they have most things

- Baby cot - allthingsbaby/Ask other mom friends you know whose kids may have outgrown their cots
- Baby mattress -
- Basinet
- Fitted sheets
- Pillows 
- Head shaping pillow -
- Bolsters
- Blankets (light)
- Quilts
- Cot bumper 
- Cot mobile
- Basinet
- Co-sleeper (incase you cannot get a cot) - Chicco Next 2 Me Co-sleeping crib - or the Nestilo - Masilo
- Night light

Not Urgent
- Changing Station - use the changing mat for now if you aren't able to buy/custom make one. 
- Rocking chair
- Baby monitor 
- Baby bouncer
- Stroller 

Where to look:
Just Moms - Breach Candy, Mumbai (Vilas: 9819255669) - they have most things
Mamas and Peaches

- Teethers - Sophie la Girafe - mybabybabbles/
- Plush toys 
- Bath toys 
- Play mat for tummy time

- Nursing gowns/dresses for hospital
- Underwear
- Nursing bras
- Sanitary pads
- Nipple shields
- Post-natal maternity belts - 
- Lotions/Supplements - as instructed by doctors

- Bedding
- Sheets
- Pillows 
- Blanket
- Towels
- Napkins
- Toiletries
- House slippers

Where to look:
Better to see if you have anything you can spare from the house
Local shops that may be open 

- masilo
- mamasandpeaches
- allthingsbaby
- (H&M)
- World of born
- Walnut kids clothing (9920071313/check out Instagram as well)
- Love the world today
We at are also have a couple daily wear options for toddlers starting 6 months if you'd like to have a look. We will resume shipping post lockdown.

- Just Moms - 
Breach Candy, Mumbai (Vilas: 9819255669) 
- Kamdhenu - Walkeshwar and Andheri (W), Mumbai 
- Design Touch - Bandra, Mumbai (Bipin: 9867428750)
- Green Bell - Juhu, Mumbai (Naresh: 9820735299)
- All things baby - (Sakshi: 9167440140)
- Premsons - (open for bathing essentials - lotions,shampoo,diapers)

In order to curate this list as a new mom, I have had to read up and educate myself through multiple sources before I was able to create one for myself. This list as you all will agree is a never ending work in progress.
I realise how much effort and time it takes to put something like this together and it is only right that I credit all those sources that have helped me.

My sister-in-law, Maitreyi Damani, who is a mom to two year old - she not only sat with me on my list but also emphasized what I absolutely needed given the current scenario. 
My friend Arty Daryanani, a fellow mom to be who helped with how to start curating my list.
Mothermag online - checked out their baby registry - however it focuses on international products and I didn't need to refer to it once my trip abroad was cancelled.
Firstcry - closer to home, I checked out Firstcry's parenting section - new born shopping list.
Todaysparent online - Again a source with checklists
Babylist online - listed the best products of 2020. I used this list to understand what brands were highly rated. However I ended up finding some of these brands in India like nose-frida, Dr. Brown's glass bottles and the boppy pillow. For the rest of the products mentioned, I have found Indian brand alternatives or avoided them all together.
Dolce Bambino 
@dolcebambinoco - this mama, has shared an incredible curation of essentials that you can all check out. Her list is curated keeping in mind Indian brands that are easily accessible in these tough times. She has some really great reccomendations. You can directly contact her via Instagram. I connected with her myself and she was nice enough to help me.
Chandini Bhagat @mominthebay - I usually follow her instagram posts where she mentions brands that she's loved and reccomends. Also her live sessions are a great resource.
Salonie Patel Vaidya @mugglemominamagicworld - everything on her page is insightful. She is a personal shopper and curator of all things baby related. I haven't availed her services but I regularly check up on her instagram posts and her live sessions.
The First Parents @thefirstparents - Have been following them for a while and regularly join their live sessions with industry experts. It is a great way to find relevant information.
If you haven't joined The Mommy Network group on Facebook you must! The best place to get your information and connect with other moms.
Google - baby lists and baby essentials, baby must-haves

I hope I've managed to help you. These are my personal recommendations based on the places I am scouting  and have purchased from and are not sponsored in any way. Please feel free to pick and choose what you need and what is essential to you at this time.

Happy shopping!

- Veronna D

nursery photocredit: Alexandra Rae designed nursery via my pink sketchbook: Room for Baby (Pinterest)